Wealth and Compensation Planning

Hong Kong & International wealth and compensation planning

With our Hong Kong, China tax expertise, Sinomix can assist in devising strategies to assist you in developing wealth and compensation planning strategies.

Although not exhaustive, this could include advice on one or more of the following:

Wealth and pre-immigration planning

We are able to advise on tax strategies that will assist you in protecting your wealth in Hong Kong and internationally, including:

For executives working in Hong Kong, we have developed an Executive Tax Health Check, which is designed to assist executives who require advice on structuring their remuneration packages tax efficiently, have substantial investments located in various jurisdictions and are considering relocating or retiring from Hong Kong to another jurisdiction.

Compensation and benefits planning

Whether you are a company looking to provide your employees with a tax-efficient and rewarding compensation benefits program, or an individual wishing to enhance your net employment income, ITA can assist you in developing suitable compensation and benefits planning strategies.

Although by no means exhaustive, this could include advising on: