Corporate Finance

At Sinomix Corporate Finance, we aim to provide our clients with unparalleled professional service by acting as your lead adviser in corporate finance transactions. With our reputation, size, and experience with clients in a broad range of industries, we are well positioned to help you achieve your corporate objectives.

Whether it is selling a business, buying a business, raising expansion capital or seeking strategic alliances or joint venture partners, our team of highly dedicated professionals will assist you to accomplish your strategic objectives.


Acquiring an existing business can sometimes be the quickest way to achieve rapid growth. 

Acquisition strategies are undertaken for a variety of reasons. It could be that you want to:

Before making an acquisition it is important that you review your existing business to assess your motives and to identify your own strengths, skills and resources. Not only will this reveal if an acquisition is the best option, it will also identify any obstacles or shortcomings that could prevent a successful combination.

Having established that an acquisition is a viable option, you can then establish your investment criteria. For example, do you want to expand your core market, or are you looking for product diversification? Do you want to acquire at home, or is there an opportunity to expand overseas?

Sinomix Corporate Finance can help you at all stages of the acquisition process, including:

Many acquisitions fail to deliver the expected benefits due to inadequate planning of a post-acquisition strategy. Sinomix Corporate Finance can provide the support and impetus necessary, using the full range of our firm's expertise, to ensure your acquisition is a success.


If selling your business or a non-core operation is an option you are considering, it is important to fully understand the process involved. You should be confident that you are working with a team of advisers that can maximize the price for your business while satisfying your personal objectives.

Our team is experienced with all aspects of the disposal process. Our professional approach, experience and global network can contribute to the effectiveness of negotiations and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

We focus on the underlying drivers that optimize price - developing a compelling story, creating a competitive process and evoking buyer emotion. We use a wide variety of tools to ensure sales price is maximized.

Our services include:

Fund Raising

At certain times during the life of your business, companies may need additional capital. It may be that capital is required to absorb cyclical pressure or more frequently to expand the business by increasing operational capacity or acquiring another business and its assets.

The amount of capital raised and the terms offered depend substantially on what capital providers believe a company will return to them and how they perceive the "value" in the business.

At Sinomix, we focus on enabling prospective investors and other providers of capital to appreciate the true "value" in your business.

Our services include: