Sinomix's assurance services are designed to go well beyond the audit’s basic task of providing assurance on the financial performance of your business, we provide insights that help businesses succeed. Regarding the audit as a tool for forward planning, not just a retrospective accounting review.

We believe that a good auditor will use the process to gather a wealth of information which will be invaluable to your company and act as an essential bedrock for major business planning.

We place great emphasis on the relationship with our clients by working closely with the management. Helping recognize their strengths and weaknesses, identifying the best way of grooming and growing their business.

Audit & Capital Markets Services

The local knowledge, global perspectives and expert technical skills of our professionals are strongly supported by our considerable investment in state-of-the-art technology and audit software. Each of these tools plays a unique and important role in our work. They allow us to give you the results you require in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way.

Internal Control Review

The need for controls

Adequate controls are absolutely necessary to protect your organization’s assets. Confidentiality of your business information is of the utmost importance in ensuring the right controls are operating effectively when managing your risks.

Our approach

We offer a comprehensive internal control consulting service, which includes the review of your computerized systems. We will identify processing points where controls affecting the flow of information through your accounting system should exist. We will highlight controls that are missing, and provide reports that summarize the system's strengths and weaknesses. In addition, this report will be accompanied by practical recommendations so that you can quickly and easily implement the necessary modifications.

Transaction Support Services

Determining the worth of your company is more important than ever before. Whether you plan to purchase, merge with, or sell an enterprise, transfer intangible assets, enter into a licensing agreement, address estate, gift, or other taxation concerns, or comply with corporate finance and risk management requirements, Sinomix can be of assistance. 

To address your concerns, we provide unbiased business and asset valuations that yield results with the highest degree of support, as well as consulting services in a variety of areas. Our valuation services cater to enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries. And these services are designed to support applications beyond mergers and acquisitions. We also provide valuation services for tax and financial reporting professionals, as well as for litigation and structured finance support.