Chinese Market

Getting to know China takes time. Sinomix has been operating in mainland China for a long time. We have built up deep experience which operates with the same high standard of service you would expect from Sinomix. We help Chinese clients expand abroad and international clients grow within China.

These principles appeal to foreign companies who are looking to build scale in mainland China. There is certainty over our independent tax filings and specialist advice. Our role includes dealing with complex regulations and changes to domestic policy for private and public companies. We do this by employing the best local talent and investing heavily in training.

High standards and global expertise are an attraction for local companies eager to compete in world markets. We keep clients up-to-date with new opportunities and openings, and have the framework in place to serve your growth ambitions. Furthermore, our access to local expertise around the world means we are likely to speak your language, no matter where you operate.

A key draw for clients in China remains consistency. Sinomix operates in mainland China with the same standards which govern our practice in Hong Kong. We also use the same tools and methods.

China is an exciting yet complex market. That is why more clients are choosing a partner they can rely on.